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Gut and Brain 


Our Promise

Many parents feel overwhelmed and lost on their journey to find the best treatments for their child with developmental disabilities. The mission at Second Brain Immunity is to ease each parent on their journey.

Specialized treatment plans:

Each child’s symptoms are so unique. From stomach pains to constipation and detoxification issues, many children need specialized treatment plans that need to be monitored on a weekly basis. Services at Developmental Crossroads require a close relationship with the parents and the child so each and every step in the child’s progress is monitored and changes are made accordingly.


It is important that each parent is involved in the development of each protocol. Without the parent understanding the steps in the process of healing the gastrointestinal tract and the importance of detoxification methods, progress is minimized. When a team approach develops between the doctor and the parents, a commitment develops that grows roots around the child’s potentials. When parents are 100% committed, a community develops that is so essential in your child’s life.